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Zero to CFO

Bookkeepers, Controllers, & CFOs

Do you want to build your passive recurring revenue?

I create extraordinary financial dashboards - to provide your clients with precise insights, positioning you as their strategic partner for all things financial and simplifying your tasks.

And I share my monthly recurring revenue with you.

It's at least 10 times easier talking a client through a visual dashboard than talking them through financial statements. 

A custom dashboard will provide your clients with greater insights,
simply and with clarity

If you want to see a demo of simple dashboard, here is a Sample Dashboard Link

Watch this video to see how clear a financial dashboard can make things for your clients.  

How will this benefit my clients or employer?

Affiliate Details

Benefits of affiliate program:

  • Anyone can participate as an affiliate.  You do not need to be an accounting professional

  • If you are such a professional, you get the benefit of providing a great financial tool to your clients and a tool for yourself if you're involved at all in financial analysis

  • Monthly referral fees to affiliates are $200 for Dashboard Level 2 and $100 for Dashboard Level 1 for the 1st 10 clients.  Starting with client 11, that goes to $250 and $125.


  • Fees are paid only after 30 days from payment by client

  • Client must sign up at regular full price

  • Client must be referred in a way that attribution is clear (so there is no question where the referral came from) and timely

  • A client referred by two people will be paid to the 1st referrer only

  • I reserve the right to cancel a client and stop referral fees on those clients

The above is subject to change without notice

What to expect

When you have me set up one of your clients with a dashboard, I meet with the client to learn about their business, I research the industry to determine what metrics have the biggest impact on their bottom line, and I build and revise the dashboards in multiple meetings with them.  If you're an accounting or finance professional, it's preferable for you to be involved in those meetings.

Within 1 week, I usually have the dashboards ready for use, with some minor adjustments over the next couple of weeks.

Most small business owners aren't very connected with their data.  It's even more rare to find one that consistently uses their data for strategic decision-making.

By providing a dashboard, you not only simplify monthly reporting, but you give clients a way to see how changes in their behavior will affect their bottom line.

I regularly have clients express amazement at how clear the information is presented.

"This is awesome", "This is amazing", "We've never had this kind of information before".

If you want to hear that from your clients, and make some money in the process, let's talk.

"Your customers are only satisfied because their expectations are so low and because no one else is doing better. Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough anymore. If you really want a booming business, you have to create Raving Fans." 
-Blanchard & Bowles

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