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Ease instead of Chaos

Does growth mean working more hours?

It doesn't have to.

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Financial Consulting
for General Contractors

As a general contractor, you’re busy keeping up with existing projects and acquiring new prospects, you're managing employees and subs - all while keeping your business afloat. In the midst of all you’ve got on your plate, business finances can sometimes take a back seat.  But your business could thrive if you had time to truly understand what the numbers are trying to tell you.

That’s where I come in.

I work with my clients and their teams to streamline the bookkeeping process & improve their reporting and financial management.  This leads to actionable data that will improve profit and cash flow.

Casual Meeting

Improved Bookkeeping

100% of data analysis is based on data entry

A lot of companies struggle with bookkeeping.  Not only is the data bad or inconsistent, but bookkeeping often is a functional (or dysfunctional) part of operations.

Do you need to invoice for jobs?

Do you need to gather documentation for bank draws?

Do you need to pay vendors on time?

All of these are actually operational functions or closely related to operations but may be performed by your accounting team.

I've worked with over 50 clients to develop processes that make sure we know what has to be recorded, when it has to be recorded, and how it has to be recorded.


This ensures that accounting makes its operations tasks easy and gives us the basis we need for good Reporting.

Actionable Reporting

If a report doesn't suggest an action, does it really do anything for you?

If you look at your P&L on a monthly basis, my experience suggests that you're already in the top 50% of entrepreneurs in small business.

And while that's a good start, most people don't know what to do with it.  Good accounting data gives you information you need to makes changes in your business that will increase cash flow.

I assist my clients by creating financial dashboards; dashboards that are easy to read and interpret; dashboards that give us quick insight into how well they're doing.  

A number alone, means nothing.  You have to know either what that number used to be or what that number should be.

Having those metrics easily understood on your dashboard will suggest actions to improve cash flow.  They will also help you with general Financial Management.

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Financial Management

Where's my money?

There are at least 3 questions I help my clients answer through Financial Management:

  • If we're profitable, then where's all my money?

  • Are we going to have enough money to... (fill in the blank: cover payroll, take a distribution, pay our subs on time...)

  • Can I take money out of my business?

Financial Management involves understanding the cash flows - and the timing of those cash flows - both in and out of the business.

We use various forecasting tools and other reporting tools to help you make good decisions regarding your cash.  In Reporting, we use accounting data to improve operations.  In Financial Management, I actually help you make decisions in regards to your cash.

As an owner, you deserve to benefit personally from the capital and risk that you've invested.  I provide the means to help you know how you can do so without harming the company.

Let’s Talk…

You don’t have to do this alone. Using your numbers to improve cash flow may seem hard, but you can do this. You can run a successful business with good data, strong cash flow, and a predictable future. Schedule an appointment with me, and I’ll help you learn how to achieve financial success.

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