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Zero to CFO

Restaurant Bookkeeping

Now, more than ever, you need to be hyper aware of what your numbers are telling you for your restaurant to provide you the lifestyle you want.

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Do you struggle to do your own books or are dissatisfied with the quality of your books.

With 20 years of bookkeeping experience - and with a Master's Degree in Forensic Accounting - I will keep your books at a level you have never experienced.

Simply. Accurately.  Timely.

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Dashboard Reporting

I have over a decade of experience in providing reporting that is meaningful.  With my bookkeeping, you also get a dashboard highlighting key metrics and diagnosing errors & inefficiencies.

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Monthly Review

Even with a dashboard, most restauranteurs are not financial experts.  I provide a monthly summary, interpreting your accounting data so you can make decisions to improve profit and cash flow.

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The speed at which Nate works is something to behold.
David L.

What to expect

When you choose to work with me, here’s what you can expect:

1. Initial Consultation:
We'll kick things off with an in-depth meeting where we'll dive into your business operations and identify the bookkeeping needs as well as key metrics necessary to make the biggest impact.

2. Data Access:
You’ll provide access to your accounting books and other relevant systems. 

3. Deliverables Determined

Timelines and expectations will be very clear and your books will be kept in accordance with that. 

4. Dashboard Creation:
Based on our discussions and the data collected, I'll build a customized dashboard that highlights the most critical insights for your business.

5. Monthly Collaborative Review:
Finally, we'll sit down together to review the dashboard. I'll guide you through its features, teaching you how to read and interpret the data so you can diagnose and address any business challenges effectively.

Let’s transform your business data into actionable insights and drive your success forward!

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