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Automated Data Analysis

Your bookkeeping is up-to-date (and if this is true, well done!).  Your controller manages your cash flows and you never have to worry about invoices going out on time or payroll running late.

But you wish you had a little more insight into how you're doing, what's working, and what's not.

For only $150 per month, we'll set up a customized financial dashboard for you that will give you insights into the KPIs that matter most to your profitability.

This includes creating the dashboard as well as creating forecasting models so you can see not only what's good or bad now, but how that will change in the future.


On Demand CFO

You know your numbers are important.  And if you use our Automated Data Analysis, you're able to look at your numbers on your own and gain insight into what you're doing well.

But there's more there.

I have spent thousands of hours interpreting financial data - not just to understand performance, but specifically to understand what actions need to be taken to improve profitability.

Do you want more depth into your understanding of your numbers?  Schedule a time to meet with me and let's see what your numbers tell us.

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